Dr. Ngecpe Agnes  Consultant Pediatrician

Dr. Ngecpe Agnes

Consultant Pediatrician

Profile Detail

  • Specialty:

    Consultant Pediatrician

  • Qualification:

    MBChB , Mmed . Pead( mak)

  • Experience:

    13 years of medical practice

  • Expertise/ Area Of Interest:

Summary of work history

A 13 years of medical practice, of which out of that I had three years of doing master in pediatric and child health at Makerere University, one of the oldest and best university in east Africa

I have been practicing as consultant pediatrician for the last six years of my career. Before joining LifeCare hospital in Kenya, I was working for Sali international hospital, Dar es salaam, Tanzania for 4 years as head of department of Pediatric and child health where I spearheaded the establishment of fully functional neonatal intensive unit. I was also in various hospitals’ committees like therapeutic, infection prevention and control committee to mention but a few.

Dr Agnes has been working with life care hospital for the last 2 years as consultant pediatrician. During these two years the department of pediatric has double in bed occupancy as well as OPD attendance, she has over 92.3% client’s satisfaction, established neonatal care unit and her goal is to ensure every child get the best care and treatment with love.