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Mother and Child Health

Many programmes by large organisations such as UNICEF are running to improve the quality of mother and child care and provide a safe and nurturing environment for expectant mothers and newborn babies. The aim is to fight malnutrition among infants and children, provide a safe and hygienic environment to mothers pre and postpartum, and provide knowledge for the welfare of kids and their mothers.

The mother and child care programme at Lifecare has a specialised team working towards a singular goal to address the issue of women's health, provide care to mothers and children up to 2 years of age, and educate on the importance of breastfeeding and nutrition.

The specific objectives of Mother and Child Health are:

Reduction of maternal, perinatal, infant and childhood mortality and morbidity.
Promotion of reproductive health, Promotion of the physical and psychological development of the child and adolescent within the family Reproductive tract infections (RTIs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

The infant mortality rate has drastically declined in the past couple of decades. Common illnesses such as pneumonia, malaria, dengue, and jaundice are still common in newborn babies. New mothers are also prone to diseases during pregnancy or after giving birth. The focus of this programme is to reduce the risk of these diseases and provide proper education to expectant mothers and their families about possible problems and effects post-delivery. Our team includes pediatricians, gynaecologists, and highly qualified nurses with a proper understanding of pre and postpartum issues like breastfeeding, infant care, mental well-being, and postpartum depression.

Mother and Child Health in kenya

The health of expectant mothers and children is the focus of mother and child care. It also includes:

Maternal mental health: both pre and postpartum, management of anxiety and postpartum depression Health aspects of care of children in settings such as daycare. Child health: nutrition needs and proper physical and mental development of the child. Family planning: educating and providing treatments of birth control. Disabled children: taking care of a disabled child, proper education on the disability, and future improvement chances. Adolescent health



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